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Welcome to ESL at Blackford Elementary School

(1970 Willow St., San Jose 95125)





Class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:45-11:45 in Room 29.


 Textbook and Materials:

  • Future: English for Results--Level 3 (Price- $30.)
  • School Supplies Needed:  3-ring binder, paper 


In this class you will listen to, speak, read, and write English.  Topics will include vocabulary for everyday English:  personal information, school, food, health, shopping, on the job.   You will gain confidence and feel good about yourself as you interact in the greater community.     


Attendance and Tardiness Policy:    

80% attendance is expected.  

If you will be absent, please email the teacher at:    or leave a message at (408) 978-4675  Extension: 4529


How to Be Successful:

  1. Be on time.  Schedule your appointments when we don’t have class.          
  2. Please turn off your cell phone before you enter the classroom.   
  3. Practice with your classmates.                 
  4. Be respectful of other students.  Be open to their ideas and opinions. 
  5. Speak English in class.  (Don’t worry about mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning experience.)
  6. Practice what you learn outside of the classroom.
  7. Set goals for yourself.  Make a commitment to reach them.    
  8. Ask questions when you don’t understand.