Independent Study

The Independent Study Program (ISP) allows students to complete high school diploma courses at home. Students meet with teachers once a week and are given a minimum of 15 hours of homework to complete before the next appointment. Credits are based on work completed, not time in a classroom. A high reading level, motivation and self-discipline is required to successfully complete courses through this program.
This program is designed for students who want to complete their high school diploma or HiSET but who are unable to regularly attend group classes.  Students enrolled in Independent Study meet with their instructor once each week at a scheduled appointment day and time.  Appointments are an hour in length, but may be either longer or shorter depending on what the student is working on that week. 
Independent Study students are given weekly assignments equivalent to 15 hours of time in a group class.  Weekly assignments for Independent HiSET students are equivalent to 12 hours in a group class.