Located in CACE-Del Mar Office

Counseling Service Hours: Varies. Students make a counseling appointment at CACE (Del Mar) office 408-626-3402 or contact Christine Auran at [email protected] 


Go to CACE office to schedule an appointment with a counselor if you need help with:

* Academic Advising

* Transcript Review

* Advice on HSE & High School Diploma 

* Career Options

* Post Secondary Options

* Community Resources

barCACE High School Diploma Requirements:
CACE is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and high school diplomas are awarded by the Campbell Union High School District. One hundred fifty(150) semester credits are required above the eighth grade level to receive a high school diploma through Campbell Adult and Community Education. The prescribed course of study for all students shall include the following (Education Code 51225.3):

Language Arts

Social Science


Electives/Applied Arts/Fine Art/Foreign Language

English (40)

US Government (5)

Math (10)

Applied Arts (10)


U.S History  (10)

Algebra/Integrated Math (10)

Electives (non P.E) 



World History (10)

Physical Science (10)

Fine Art/Foreign Language (10)


Economics (5)

Biology (10)

TOTAL: 150