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Staff Portal » Summary of HiSet

Summary of HiSet

Summary of HiSet (High School Equivalency Test) Presentation from ETS




Scholarship opportunities available.

ETS states the company is not-for-profit.  They are a vendor for AP Courses, GRE, SAT, and ACT. 

·       There is no charge for bubbling errors; free test materials.  
 ·       They will create a UPS account to ship materials back and forth at no charge. 
 ·      All materials are open-source.
·      Official Practice Tests are free; each year the 3 test forms used will be retired and become Official Practice Tests. 
 ·      Free re-tests for students if complete battery is purchased. 
ETS price is $50.  Individual tests $15 but no free re-test.  The price will not change for at least 5 years. Most test centers currently charge $110-$120 to administer. 
Some states charge fees to add to price; CA has not yet decided on a fee.  The GED target price- point: $250 where they have a monopoly. 
When we purchase a $7.50 paper Official Practice Test from ETS ALL students can use it at a test site. There are no copyrights limitations or restrictions, all materials are reproducible.
Practice materials are aligned to HiSet are published by Aztec; we are currently working with Khan Academy for video series. 

Rationale for the new HiSet: data needed for college/career readiness, indicators. They need data-based rationale to increase student test scores.  Each year tests will gradually increase in rigor as information and materials roll-out to determine what exactly Common Core looks like in the high schools. Phase 2 will roll out in 3-5 years. They need time and data to measure the persistence factor.


 Available in: 

 Paper& pencil;




  large print test and answer sheet;



The Spanish is available TODAY.  Students can mix-n-match; combination of formats acceptable, e.g., student may take Math in English, reading in Spanish, Science on-line, Writing test in paper/pencil. Transcript does not indicate tests taken in Spanish, as test is not intended to be an English proficiency test.

Test instructions, however, are all in English.



Battery consists of 5 subject areas like 2002 GED test. Unofficial score report available immediately if taken on-line; 3-5 day turn-around if paper/pencil.

Test addresses Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels 1-3; new tests will move to Levels 4-5. Current rigor similar to 2002 GED.

Currently, the essay is persuasive, but they will move to an evidence-based essay in the next 3-5 years, so changes are less drastic. 100% human scoring of writing– 2 readers per essay, averaging the two scores.

Math section allows calculators for entire test. Basic, not scientific calculator. Students can use your own, test site’s, or ETS will send a large supply at no charge.

All tests 100% multi-choice except essay.



The test uses a 12 month expiry (rolling calendar year); 100 is perfect score.  The test is weighted, not a one-to-one correspondence.   A score of 8/20 correct is passing, but the student needs an aggregate score of 45/100 to pass the battery. A score of 15/20 has been deemed college/career ready. 


CACE can be up and running as a testing center within 4 weeks.

ETS trains (Chief) Examiner who administers test, CACE trains proctor.  Face-to-face training or webinars or combination.  

Students can register on-line or in person at the test center. Either ETS or test center can schedule the test(s). The student may also take paper registration and fax to ETS.  Students can pay at CACE or on-line.  They simply choose one method.

 We must check our contract with PV to see if we can offer more than GED test. There might be loophole if PV did not supply us with equipment.