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Staff Portal » Web Resources for Step Forward Book 1

Web Resources for Step Forward Book 1

Step Forward Teachers' Resource Page - This page, on the Oxford University Press's website, has free resources for teachers, including Step Forward Placement Tests and Instructions, an Interactive Activity List, and Step Forward Unit Tests. 
Web Resources for Step Forward Book 1

PRE-UNIT (The First Step)

Phone Numbers (Listening)

UNIT 1—In the Classroom

Step Forward Online
School/Office Vocabulary and Exercises
School Vocabulary Word Search
School Items (Listening)
Introduce Yourself-Explanation
Introduce Others
Greetings-Video and Activities
Give Personal Information Video
Personal Information (Reading) (PDF)


Verb BE Simple Present Quiz
ESL/EFL Quiz: Am, Is, or Are
Verb BE Positive Statements and Contractions
Verb BE Positive Statements Explanation and Quiz
Verb BE Negative Statements and Contractions
Verb BE Yes/No Questions

UNIT 2—My Classmates

Step Forward Online
Days of the Week
Days of the Week Quiz
Days Vocabulary
Months of the Year
Months of the Year - Audio Concentration Game
Time Vocabulary Matching Game

UNIT 3—Family and Friends

Step Forward Online
Describing Family
Family Member Spelling
Family Member Vocabulary
Talking about Family
People and Relationships Vocabulary
Family (Listening and exercises)


Possessive Pronouns

Step Forward Level 2

Web Resources for Step Forward Book 2

PRE-UNIT (The First Step)

Your E-mail Address (Listening)
Days and Months (Listening)
Telling Time (Listening)

UNIT 1—Learning to Learn

Classroom Items Puzzle (PDF)
Classroom Items Puzzle- KEY
Picture Dictionary (Reading Comprehension) (PDF)
Cheaper School Books (Listening, Reading and Exercises)
Time for English-Worksheet (Speaking) (PDF)
Living in the Library (Picture Story) (PDF, 3.7MB)
Maria Finds a Friend (Picture Story) (PDF, 3.9MB)
Two Plus Two (Listening-School Life Dialog)


Making Yes/No and WH-questions (Explanation and Exercises)
Simple Present (Explanation)

UNIT 2—Getting Together

Send an e-card
Small Talk Dialog (PDF)
Family Picnic (Writing Prompt) (PDF)
Small Talk Functional Phrases (PDF)
Weather (Video and Exercises)
Weather and Weather Disasters (Word Match and Information Gap) (PDF)
A Tornado (Listening, Reading and Exercises)
Make Your Own Calendar
Dates and Dates (Video and Exercises)

Step Forward Level 3

Web Resources - Step Forward Book 3


Introductions Worksheet (PDF)
Introductions (Listening)
Parts of Speech Quiz 1
Parts of Speech Quiz 2 - Adverbs
Getting to Know Your Classmates (Short Story)

UNIT 1—Learning Together

Step Forward Online
Learning Styles Survey
Learning Styles Lesson and Activity
Learning Styles –VARK Questionnaire (PDF)
Setting Goals (Timed Reading)
Library Services-San Jose Public Library
Let's Speak English (Listening, Reading and Exercises)
English is so hard (Listening, Reading and Exercises)


Simple Past (Explanations and exercises)
Simple Past (Exercise)
Simple Past (Explanation followed by an exercise)
Simple Past: Irregular Forms (Multiple choice)
Simple Past Negative (Timed exercise)
Simple Past Questions (Exercise)
Present Continuous (Explanation and exercises)
Present Continuous Yes-No Questions
Adjectives and Adverbs (Explanation)
Adjectives and Adverbs (Quiz)
Nouns (Explanation and exercises) (PDF)
Parts of Speech (Verb, Noun, Adjective) (PDF)

UNIT 2—Ready For Fun

Step Forward Online
Community Events
Silicon Valley Attractions
Parks and Recreation


Web Resources - Step Forward Book 4

PRE-UNIT—The First Step

Locate classmates’ countries (PDF)
Word Families (Reading and Exercise -pg 1-2) (PDF)


Verb Tense Tutorial
Review Will and Be Going To (Explanation and Exercises)
Review Present Perfect (Explanation and Exercises)

UNIT 1—It Takes All Kinds!

Step Forward Online
CACE Website
Attending ESL Classes (Listening and Reading)
How to improve your English skills
Test-taking Tips
Reading Strategies
Who Needs School? (Listening, Reading and Vocabulary)
Studying in America (Listening and Reading)
U.S. Educational System (Reading)
Goal Setting
Learning Styles –VARK Questionnaire (PDF)
Learning Styles Survey
Learning Styles Lesson and Activity
Library Services-Santa Clara County
Library Card Application (PDF)
Library Services-San Jose Public Library
Taped Library Tour (Listening)
Asking for and Giving Opinions


Action Verbs (Explanation)
Non-Action Verbs

UNIT 2—Keeping Current

San Jose Mercury News
CNN Student News
Voice of America News
How Americans learn about community issues
Media Literacy


Passive Voice (Explanations and exercises sorted by verb tense)
Passive Voice (Exercises) (PDF)
Reflexive Pronouns (Explanation and Exercises)