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VESL Resources

Employment/Finding a Job

Job ScoutFree, online learning platform that teaches basic Internet skills needed to find a job, including learning about how the internet works, using email, creating a resume, looking for a job, and connecting with other job seekers.  Students need to create a profile in order to enter the site.  This website may also be useful for lower-level ESL teachers to present Internet basics to the whole class, not necessarily for job seekers.


English for the Nursing Assistant - This website is intended to help ESL learners prepare for their academic studies in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Provides opportunities to listen, take notes, practice speaking skills and learn the vocabulary necessary for a profession in the health care field. Level 3 and above.
Project Care - This website is for high-intermediate to advanced ESL learners who want to learn about caring for others while improving their communication with medical personnel. Provides audio and video for listening practice, vocabulary development, as well as handouts to project-based activities. Although this site has an accompanying book, the free activities on this site will help students learn more about important health issues while practicing English. Also has useful information for those studying in Career Tech as Home Health Aides or Home attendants. Topics addressed: Depression, Alzheimer's Disease, Alcohol About & Alcoholism, Death & Dying. ESL CASAS Competencies: 2.5, 3.1, 3.5