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Margarita R Ortiz » ABE Evening

ABE Evening

Dates and Times:   Class:   Monday- Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00pm             Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 5:45 pm to 6pm and 9pm to 9:15pm  

Instructor:         Margarita OrtizMinett

Location:          Room  6    Email: Phone:    (408) 626-3402   extn: 2617  


Course Description:

This course is designed for those students who would like to upgrade basic skills in reading, writing, math and technology in an effort to achieve professional, academic and personal goals.  These goals may include but are not limited to: securing employment, finding better employment, passing the GED/HiSET, obtaining a high school diploma.


Course Objectives:

  • Students will be able to assess how the ABE class can support them in meeting their career, personal and academic goals. 
  • Students will be able to actively participate in the ABE academic course of study that will target and increase students’ reading, writing, math and technology skill levels. 
  • Students will be able to successfully bridge their skill gaps and move forward in the attainment of goal(s) listed on their Individualized Learning Plan.


Class Activities

Active learning is encouraged and stressed at all times.  Students will work on various activities independently, in a small group setting, and in a lecture environment to complete assignments.  To facilitate team building, small group activities will be assigned daily.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Respect the right of others to study and learn
  2. Be on time for class
  3. Respect your school and classroom rules
  4. Cooperate with school personnel
  5. Be courteous
  6. Respect public property
  7. Come to class with the materials you need to succeed every day
  8. Dress appropriately and safely

Students are expected to attend every day. No more than 3 unexcused absences will be permitted per month. Unexcused tardiness will be cumulative, 3 hours is equal to 1 absence. If dropped, students will not be allowed to re-enter the program until the next session.  Sessions are offered approximately every 8 weeks. In order for absences to be excused you must email me or call me the day of your absence. I prefer emails.

Sometimes on Mondays and Wednesdays you will be asked to do a current event assignment,below are the directions for completing the assignment.
1.   On your own read your article and underline any words you don’t know.
2.   On your own define or translate at least 7 words you don’t know or kind of know.
3.   As a group reread your article 
4.   As a group discuss the following questions about your article.
          Who-Who was the article about, who was involved?
          What -What happened in the article?
          Where-Where did this take place
          When- When did the event take place?
          Why-Why did the event happen, why is it important? 
5.  On your own write two paragraphs about your article.
     -In your first paragraph summarize your article using who,what, where, when and
     -In your second paragraph write about how the subject of the article does or
      doesn't impact your life. Explain your  reasoning behind your answer.
6.  Be prepared to share your conclusions about your article. If there is time I will place
     you in new groups to talk  about your articles.