Staff Resources


Open Doors 

Open Doors: Our school district and community college members offer a caring and supportive environment for students on every step of their educational journey.



South Bay Consortium for Adult Education

Serving over 30,000 adult education students in Santa Clara County


LINCS: Literacy Information and Communication System

LINCS - Community is an interactive online social learning space for adult educators where you can join groups of interest to participate in conversations, find the information you need in the community’s high-quality resources, and become inspired by the knowledge you gain from fellow members and professional development activities.


LINCS - Through the LINCS Community of Practice, self-paced online courses, and searchable resources , adult education practitioners nationwide harness the power of collaboration and sharing to improve educational outcomes.


California Adult Education Program (CAEP)

CAEP - As adult educators, we lead the charge to solve these critical issues and other key barriers that leave adult learners behind. Be proud of the work that you do and our collective story in building highly effective partnerships with school districts, community colleges, workforce professionals, community- and volunteer-based organizations, state agencies and others to leverage our funding and create cohesive systems for adult learners to excel.



Technology Resources

Outreach and Technical Assistance Network for Adult Educators (OTAN)


OTAN's vision is to lead California Adult Education in the integration of technology into the educational process; OTAN's three major components are Electronic Collaboration and Information, Instructional Technology, and Distance Learning (including online education and blended classes).


The OTAN website has many useful resources for Adult Education teachers, including classroom resources for using educational technology and media in the classroom, information and resources on teaching with technology, online tools for teachers,  research and reference, people and organizations, state and federal laws and legislation related to Adult Education, and funding and jobs.  They also offer free "webinars" (online professional development workshops). You'll need to log in to access some of the resources, but membership is free.


Teaching With Technology (from OTAN)

An extensive new resource from OTAN that helps you search for activities based on program (ABE,ESL, GED, or HS Diploma), level, subject, competency, and keyword. Each program area includes a video tutorial to help you navigate.


Integrating Technology in the Classroom - A Multimedia Tutorial -This toolkit, from World Education, was created to help teachers who are new to integrating technology into teaching and learning.  In four 20-minute modules, it illustrates various methods of integration and provides tools and sample activities.


Bio. YouTube Channel -  A free YouTube channel with short (5 minutes or less) videos about the lives of some of the world's most fascinating people.


Teacher Tube - An online community for sharing instructional videos.  Like YouTube, for teachers.  


California Department of Education, Adult Education Office

CA Adult Ed - The page includes information on a Program Overview, Federal Grants Administration, Governance and Accountability, Instructional Support, Resources, Students, and a Directory of Schools.



CASAS Resources

CASAS Life and Work Reading Sample Test Items - these sample test items can be used to familiarize students with CASAS items, give students practice in taking a CASAS test, make future testing go more smoothly, and help reduce student test-taking anxiety. This page has links to sample test items for CASAS tests Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D.


CASAS Life and Work Listening Sample Test Items -  This page has links to sample test booklets and audio files for CASAS tests Level A, Level B, and Level C.


CASAS Vocabulary Activities from Spelling City  


The Change Agent

 The Change Agent: An Adult Education Newspaper for Social Justice


Center for the Study of Adult Literacy

Center for the Study of Adult Literacy - A vast library of web-based texts and excellent materials.  This site can be used as a tool and idea support center to help students of all adult reading levels excel at reading.  There is a list of sites within the page that contain many outstanding resources that can be used in the classroom. 



Financial Literacy -  An online resource from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Center for Applied Linguistics that deals with issues of credit and debt, identity theft and avoiding scams, budgeting, opening a bank account, shopping for prepaid cards, and managing money in general. The information is written in a plain and simple style appropriate for people with various levels of literacy, including English language learners. -  The same online resource from the FTC (see above), en español.


 Media Library of Teaching Skills -  A free, online, digital library of short videos of adult education teachers and their classes or tutorials, intended for use in professional development.