Campbell Adult and Community Education

ESL 4 - Intermediate High     

 Blackford Campus, Room 4

Jill Moreci, ESL teacher
Welcome to our ESL program at CACE. You will find many opportunities that will help you meet your academic and career goals.  You will even make some new friends.  Come and join us! ~ Jill Moreci

In order to start off the session smoothly, please observe the following guidelines and requests:


  1. Please speak English in class!

 English Only sign  



This is your time to practice speaking and listening to one another.  We don’t mind mistakes!


  1. Attend class regularly. You may be dropped from class if you have 3 unexcused absences in a row.
  1. Please notify me if you are going to miss class in order to be excused. You may call and leave a message on my voice mail, or you may email me.
  1. Observe CACE’s rules and guidelines (computer use, dress code, etc.)
  1. Cell phones should be on “silent” mode only. Do not answer the phone during class!  Please do not text in class!

Stop texting

  1. Follow the classroom rules at all times. (Be respectful, one person speaks at a time, be on time, sharpen your pencils before class or at break, etc.) 
  1. The class textbooks are to remain in class. DO NOT WRITE in the text books!  Please do not take them home. You need to purchase your own text book and student workbook in the office.  The cost is $30.
  1. Please understand that this is a public school campus, so there is NO SMOKING (or vaping) allowed anywhere on the premises.  Thank you!
  1. The classroom computers are for your benefit. Please be aware that the content that you that you view may be seen by the technical department at CACE.
  1. Bring your binder and supplies to class every day!  Items to bring to class: three-ringed binder, paper, pencil, pen, dictionary/smart phone, ear phones, and water. 
  1. Please come ready to learn and enjoy your time with us!
I teach Level 4 in the mornings and in the evenings.
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