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Flex Individual ESL

CACE also offers a FLEX Individual ESL, where students take an instructional DVD and related materials home, or work online, to practice reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, and grammar. You will meet with your ESL teacher once a week to review your progress. There are eight (8) levels of instruction to accommodate beginning, intermediate, and advanced English learners.


Students may enroll in FLEX Individual ESL in addition to a traditional ESL class, or take a FLEX Individual ESL class exclusively. The program requires a $20 deposit for materials (refunded when you complete the course). Please call CACE at (408) 626-3402 for more information about how to start.

Welcome to our program! Here’s how it works:


  1. Talk to your teacher to see what level is good for you. Your teacher will assign you an English series to do online or in a workbook.

  2. If you are working online, log on to the website your teacher assigns you and click on “Start with my next activity.”  Click on the next activity that you haven’t completed, or on an activity that you would like to practice.  If you are using a DVD and workbook, watch the DVD at least 3 times, then complete the exercises for that unit in your workbook. Try to complete the exercises by yourself, but it is okay to ask other people to help. Watch the video segments as many times as you want, first without the text, then with the text.

  3. Read the material and find the words you do not know in your dictionary.  Write the new vocabulary words and definitions in a notebook.

  4. Complete all the activities, then do the Review and Quiz.

  5. Email your teacher when you finish each unit or when you have questions about the program.



          $20.00 refundable yearly media deposit when you register

          $5.00 + for each activity book

          Please bring cash or check.



Enjoy Flex Individual ESL! Tell your friends and family about this opportunity to study English online!


Here are some useful links for students:

Go to this page to sign in to USALearns if your teacher assigned you to do the first course or the second course online.