FLEX Individual ESL


CACE also offers a FLEX Individual ESL, where students take materials home, or work online, to practice reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, and grammar. You will meet with your ESL teacher once a week to review your progress. There are eight (8) levels of instruction to accommodate beginning, intermediate, and advanced English learners.


Students may enroll in FLEX Individual ESL in addition to a traditional ESL class, or take a FLEX Individual ESL class exclusively. 


The FLEX Program-Learn From Home!

  1. Fill out a Registration Form. Click the link below to fill out the form.  Registration Form
  2. Then, you will be contacted and scheduled for a placement test.
  3. You will meet with a teacher online for 30 minutes once a week. You will be given access to an English program that you can work on when it is convenient for you. The English program includes listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and speaking activities.


Enjoy FLEX Individual ESL! Tell your friends and family about this opportunity to study English online!